Pre-election poll shows 7 out of 10  women support reducing abortion time limit to 20 weeks or below

A shock poll from ComRes has revealed that 70% of women want to see the time limit for abortion reduced to 20 weeks or less and only 1% want the time limit extended to birth.

The figures from the poll fly in the face of a campaign which seeks to remove time limits altogether from abortion law. The campaign, headed by abortion provider BPAS, bears the title ‘We Trust Women’ – but it appears that most women in the UK do not share the campaign’s goal of introducing abortion for any reason up-to-birth.

The recent ComRes polling showed that women favour law changes in the opposite direction. It was found that:

  • 91% of women believe that gender-selective abortion should be made specifically illegal
  • 93% believe that a pregnant woman should have a legal right to independent counselling before making a final decision
  • 77% believe that a doctor should be required to verify that a woman is not under pressure from a third party before having an abortion
  • 59% of women would like the abortion time limit lowered to 16 weeks or lower.
  • And 84% of women believe that pregnant women who want to continue with their pregnancies, but who are under financial constraint, should be given additional and appropriate support

The polling also showed strong support from both men and women on a number of other changes to abortion law. 65% of people said they were opposed to UK aid money being spent on abortions overseas, 79% said that they were in favour of introducing a 5-day consideration period between the time that a woman seeks an abortion and the abortion appointment itself and 70% of parents want the introduction of a parental consent for girls aged 15 and under to get an abortion.

The positions of where MP candidates across the country stand on abortion, assisted suicide and embryo research are available at https://wheredotheystand.org.uk

Rob Flello, standing for re-election as Labour MP for Stoke on Trent said:

“Despite the best efforts of the abortion industry and misinformation about abortion somehow being a person’s right under British law, the British public actually see through all that and do not support the measures that are being aggressively promoted by some politicians.”

Fiona Bruce, standing for re-election as Conservative MP for Congleton said:

“Pressure groups are seeking greater liberalisation of the law – but this survey shows they are totally at odds with the views of the British people, and especially of British women.”

“Women want greater support for those with unplanned pregnancies, and better protections for the unborn child, not least because medical advances mean that unborn children now have a better chance of surviving at an earlier stage than ever before. Activists are seeking to liberalise abortion law and effectively raise the abortion time limit – but only one per cent of women are in favour of that. Seventy per cent of women want the time limit to be lowered.”

Madeline Page, spokesperson for www.wheredotheystand.org.uk said:

“This polling would suggest that many candidates standing for election are out of touch with where the general public, particularly women, stand on abortion. We have launched our website to ensure that anyone can find out exactly where their local candidates stand on the issues of abortion, assisted suicide and embryo research.”


Notes to editors:

  • For further information please email info@wheredotheystand.org.uk or call (44) 0799 980 3366
  • ComRes interviewed 2,008 British adults online between 12th and 14th May 2017. Data was weighted to be representative of all GB adults. ComRes is a member of the British Polling Council and abides by its rules.
  • Polling – headline figures:
    • Only 1% want the abortion time limit raised to birth
    • 70% of women would like the current time limit for abortion to be lowered.
    • 59% of women would like the abortion time limit lowered to 16 weeks or lower.
    • 65% oppose UK taxpayer money being spent on abortions overseas.
  • There is also strong support for a number of other incremental restrictions/changes:
    • 93% of women want independent abortion counselling introduced
    • 91% of women want a sex-selective abortion ban
    • 79% of general population want a five-day consideration period before abortion
    • 84% of women want improved pregnancy support for women in crisis
    • 76% of population want introduction of doctors verifying women not coerced
    • 70% of parents want introduction of parental consent for girls 15 and under to get abortions
  • A full summary of results is available here: https://wheredotheystand.org.uk/media-comment-stand-new-comres-abortion-poll/